Caleb holding the baby bird

Feathers was an adult. Now I made a very young friend. Let me tell you about it.

It's a typical day at our garage sale. I was selling pop when dad called me. I came over, and he asked "What type of bird is that?" I looked down and saw a young starling. He called "ah! ah!" over and over again. I picked him up and brought him over to my garden. I named him Yellow.

Yellow, the bird

Dad told me to let him be, so I did for a while. Right before bedtime, I hear him calling again. Mom and I went out to see if he was alright. We finally found him, and I picked him up again. Mom told me to find him something to eat, so I went worm hunting. Then, out of no where, we hear an adult... his mom! Mom and I watched to see what would happen. The mother starling started to care for him!

The next day, I saw Yellow hanging out in Mom's garden. We took some more pictures, and said goodbye.

Yellow snuggling in a shirt

Every now and then, I hear Yellow calling, and his mother answering. I hope to see Yellow again!

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