We decided to go up to Duluth again for our 16th anniversary. Since our last visit, the Edgewater Resort was built. The kids thought it sounded like a ton of fun, so off we went!

The resort didn't disappoint. We spent the first day at the water park. It has a lazy river for tubing, a kids water playground, a swimming pool with basketball hoops and a side whirlpool, and two large slides. The boys and Nora roamed the place, rushing down the water-slides and cruising the lazy river. Rosa and Anna each tried the slides out once (too dark for their tastes), and then stuck to the playground and tubing along in the river with Mom or Dad.

Here's someone traveling along the river now. Looks like he's getting a bit wet at one of the many waterfalls...

Someone getting all wet

Oh, it's Corbin!

Corbin on a tube

Here's Caleb trying to cross the pool via ropes and giant sea creatures:

Caleb holding on to the ropes

After the successful crossing he played some b-ball with Corbin.

The boys playing basketball

The girls were in and out of the water a lot. Here's Nora and Rosa hamming it up poolside.

Nora and Rosa by some statues

Anna couldn't get enough of the lazy river!

Anna and Lee riding the river

Someone seems to be following them! Who could it be?

Someone getting wet along the river

Ah! It's Alex.

Alex on a tube

Even though the playground was meant for the smaller crowd, Alex and Caleb enjoyed getting drenched when the giant bucket tipped over every five minutes or so.

Alex and Caleb getting soaked

Nora got quite the thrill from going down the big slides. Here she is exiting one:

Nora coming out of a tube slide

The boys even had to try out the hot tub for a bit.

The boys in the hot tub

Caleb loved the Tiki Tiki tropical theme of the park. Here he is between the two slide exits:

Caleb between the two slides

Here's Alex bursting out of a side:

Alex coming out of a slide

The small whirlpool was amazingly strong. Corbin has a spin in it:

Corbin in the whirlpool

Nora was amazed by it.

Nora in the whirlpool

Nora was so excited when she was finally able to cross the whole pool via the ropes all by herself.

Nora on the ropes

We finally managed to drag the kids out of the water for some supper. We had a great day at the water park, but tomorrow it was off to see Duluth!

We took a little walk over the highway pedestrian bridge hoping to get to the water. Sadly, we weren't able to reach Lake Superior because of all the new condominiums and mansions along the water's edge.

Caleb was excited to see some pigeons along the way, though.

two pigeons

The wind was getting the better of the kids at the top of the bridge, but they managed to let me get a shot of them with the lake behind.

the 6 kids

Back at the resort the kids tried out the playground. Anna loved the slide.

Anna going down a slide

Swings are always enjoyable, too.

Corbin and Rosa on the swings

We finally decided to drive down to the lakeside. The kids raided our picnic lunch for extra bread and ran out to feed the gulls.

The gang feeding the gulls

It made for a nice picture of the lift bridge.

the bridge with gulls flying around

We drove across the bridge and wandered up and down the cold shoreline. We spotted a boat loading off in the distance.

A barge loading up

The kids found some neat rocks and shells, too. I got some shots of the remaining ice on the lake.

the lake with ice by the shore

more ice

a lone ice chunk

Across the road was a swimming beach, the gang was getting pretty cold due to the unrelenting wind, but some of them braved it to check out the beach.

Alex, Nora, and Caleb on the beach

Beautiful branches of driftwood were scattered throughout the beach. We grabbed a couple for souvenirs and headed off to the zoo.

Along the way we stopped to get some drinks for our picnic when we spotted the Doritos truck. Alex has this thing for Doritos trucks (you'll have to ask him about it sometime), so I made him stand next to it so I could get a picture!

Alex and the Doritos truck

We arrived at the Lake Superior Zoo right as it was opening for the day. We meandered to the zoo lab area, where Caleb was thrilled to see all kinds of birds. A zoo volunteer let him touch the Bobwhite. Here it is taking a dust bath.

a bobwhite bird

From there we ventured outside to see the rest of the animals. At the petting zoo area, a friendly lama greeted Nora with a kiss.

the lama kissing Nora

Amused, Nora quickly got the lama to kiss her big brother Alex.

the lama kissing Alex

Corbin just had to try to see if it would kiss him, too.

Corbin being kissed by the lama

We were interrupted by a zoo worker warning us that the lama was mean and tended to bite! I guess it was in a good mood that day.

Nora was excited to see one of her favorite animals: a crane.

a large crane

After seeing all the animals, we journeyed to the older area of the zoo that has walkways crossing a pretty waterfall.

the waterfall

I had to get a shot of the cold and hungry kids overlooking the falls:

the six kids with the waterfall behind

They did think it was cool how there was ice clinging to the rocks throughout the waterfall, though.

ice along the side of the falls

the waterfall

Being that it was a bit cold to eat our lunch outside, we opted for an indoor picnic. The zoo had some tables and chairs set up in their lobby, so we set up camp there.

the gang eating lunch

The girls got a kick out of the large mural painted on the wall.

Rosa and Nora in front of the mural

With full tummies we went to the Depot, which has an art, train, historical, and children's museums all inside one building.

We started out with the Children's Museum. Corbin found a "rat" in the underground area.

Corbin pointing to the rat

Rosa and Anna found a neat chair fit for a queen.

Rosa and Anna sitting in a chair

After running through the play areas, we went on to the Train Museum. The boys found an old Model T. Corbin was excited because he had just learned about Ford and the first cars in his History class.

The boys in front of an old Model T

Of course, what we came to see were the trains. The kids enjoyed hamming it up for this photo.

The kids pretending to be running from an oncoming train

They enjoyed the trains they were allowed to go inside of the best.

The kids in a train

The kids in a train

Our next destination was the Great Lakes Aquarium Anna didn't know what to think of all the fish.

Anna in front of a fish tank

We found a tree house with a slide that the kids all had a blast going down. Nearby, Caleb and Nora "fished."

Caleb and Nora in a boat

Another favorite area was the waterworks, where they got to have their boats transverse the great lakes.

The kids playing in the waterworks area

We ended our stay in Duluth with one last stop at the lake. The kids posed on the rocks.

the kids on some rocks

We walked out to the lighthouse and back.

a lighthouse

We marveled at the seemingly endlessness of the lake.

the lake

And of course the kids had to get in some final rock throwing.

The kids throwing rocks into the water

Once home, we finished up the school year in earnest. Alex grew some plants for his science class.

Alex with his plants

Nora made a model of her body while she learned about the different body systems.

Nora and her model

Caleb was thrilled to give his first number three talk!

Caleb holding his talk slip

Caleb also gave his services to a needy bird who haplessly flew into one of our windows. the bird seemed thankful for the assistance Caleb rendered, and spent several minutes recovering on his shoulder.

Caleb and the bird

Caleb and the bird again

As May came to an end we went up to Grandma Kaye's new home-on-the-lake. The kids were impressed with the tranquil setting and quickly headed down to the lake for some fishing.

Rosa and Anna made sure Lizzy didn't become fish food.

Rosa and Anna with Lizzy

The rest of the gang was quick to catch a great deal of little sunfish and perch right off the dock.

Corbin and Nora fishing

Grandma also had a paddle boat, so the older boys soon made good use of that.

Alex and Caleb on the paddle boat

Fisherman Corbin didn't mind; he'd rather catch some fish!

Corbin with a sunfish

Nora was always so surprised when she got a fish on her line that she'd forgot to reel! Thankfully, Lee was nearby to help.

Lee and Nora with her fish

Here's Grandma Kaye with Lizzy:

Grandma and Lizzy

And the whole gang on the dock:

The gang on the dock

Soon all the worms were used up, so we tried corn. The poor fish must have been starving, because the corn worked fine! Alex even reeled in a nice size crappie.

Alex and Caleb fishing

The paddle boat got quite the work out. Here's Corbin, Nora, and Caleb heading out.

the kids on the paddle boat

And here they are coming back again.

the 3 coming back

Grandma's yard was fun, too. The kids played beanbag toss.

Anna and Rosa playing

They also tried out a water polo game without the water.

Alex and Nora playing the game

A small stream ran around the property. Nora quickly nabbed a frog.

Nora and her frog

I managed to convince her to let it go after a bit, however.

the frog in the stream

A loon could often be swimming just past the dock, much to Caleb's delight.

the loon

I was more enthralled with the tiny hummingbirds.

a hummingbird

We went for a short walk and saw a family of Canada Geese.

the geese

We will leave you with some sunset shots of late spring. I wonder what summer has in store?

the sunset

the sunset again

one last shot of the sunset

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