November 23, 2020:
Yeah. . .
So! Um. . .that happened.
(((Points to hole in wall)))
And a couple of these...
(((Points to train wreck)))
And one of these.
(((Points to huge crater impact)))
. . . And that. (((points to planet exploding)))
How have you been?
We're.... fine. Yeah.
We're fine.
(((Genuine Smiles)))
Look! New updates that are already almost five years old! Consider it a walk down a memory lane. Please come join us. It'd be an honor.

Just a June and July, Part I and Just a June and July, Part II

June 23, 2018:
Wow. It's been two years since our last outing. Yes, we are alive and well. I'll try to get all caught up with all our happenings! Here's where we left off: late May to early June, 2016: Cool Creations!

December 17, 2016:
Finally completed May 2016's page. Also updated all the kids' pages.

October 26, 2016:
Added two new pages. Meet the newest member of our menagerie here and read about our early spring here. Good to know lack of sleep accomplishes something. Yawn. Goodnight.

August 30, 2016:
Added some recipes to the blog. Give one a try! Working on an outings page. Should be done within a day or so.

June 21, 2016:
Yes, I am still alive. Finally got out a blog post I've been meaning to write for about 6 months now. You can read it here.

April 10, 2016:
What did we do all winter? Our Latest Happenings page tells the tale.

January 26, 2016:
All up to date on the Latest Happenings! The November page is up.

December 24th:
October 2015 is up. See what happened that month here.

December 7th:
Where has 2015 gone? The family happenings of August and September are up. Hopefully I will get the big news of October up soon. You can catch up with our latest adventures here.

September 9th:
Finally got our latest happenings page up. It covers most of July and August. Check it out here.

July 5th:
The new Latest Happenings Page is up. Check it out to see Caleb's new home!

June 27th:
Finished the pets' pages that I'd been promising the kids I'd do for about... well, years now. Because you don't want to rush these things... (check them out here.)

June 18th:
Working the newest happening page featuring Caleb's new home. Found some older photos on Alex's tablet and added them into the existing two newest happening pages. Soon. You'll see Caleb's photos soon! I promise.

June 14th:
The second happenings page is up! Check it out here. (Also have been adding quite a bit of new face sightings on the faces page, which you can see here)

June 5th:
Went ahead and put up another latest happenings page, Mid-May Merriment. Check it out!

May 31st:
Added current pictures to all the kids' pages. A couple of new outings are in the works, and will be posted around mid-June.

May 11:
A new outings page is up. Go check it out here.Also added a picture to the garden gallery and another face to the smiles gallery.

April 5:
A new funny video gallery is up on the photo gallery page. (The videos are hosted on another site for faster uploading/playing.) click here to check them out.

March 28th:
We look back at the tail end of winter and enjoy March's mildness in our latest happenings page: Almost Spring.

February 2th:
Funny faces abound. I added some of my favorites to the smiles slideshow. Also added a new latest happenings page about what we've been up to so far this winter. Stay warm!

November 8th:
Want to help Shannon survive the coming cold? See here for details!

October 29th:
A new latest happenings page is up! Check it out!

October 26th:
A new latest happenings page is up! Check it out! Also added a bunch of photos to the bird cam page.

October 18th:
Just working on tweaking each page so they will validate correctly. (Translation: I am just doing a bunch of behind the scenes stuff, so you probably won't notice anything new.)

September 26th:
New latest happenings page is up. Check it out!

September 19th:
I tackle CSS/RSS/PHP and decide to do some code hacking/ crash course learning to update the ol' web-home a bit. Life was so much simpler in the early 1990s when HTML was all you ever needed to know. Sigh. I am still a stubborn lass who insists on doing this all myself one keystroke at a time. Anyway, we now have a way for you to get instant updates. Click on the RSS feed logo on the main page and you're all set.

September 1st:
Put up a new latest happenings page: our trip to a cabin in a national forest. Check it out.

August 29th:
Gave the main page a new look. Working on our last-summer-vacation-before-school page now.

August 8th, 2014
Put up the latest new family happening: summer 2014. Be sure to read the blog, too, as it gets updated a lot.

July 15, 2014
Finally have my babblings back up via a blog. Corbin also has made some post to it. Feel free to leave a comment.

July 2, 2014:
Put up 3 new family outings. Come see what we've been up to!

January 27, 2014
Finished all the buttons and put up 2 new pages under "latest happenings". Wow! Actually all caught up, somewhat.

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