We recently went to the Munsinger Gardens in St. Cloud. It was a blast! Shannon's dad, Bill, brother, Derik, and aunt, JoAnn also were there. The weather was perfect, to boot!

We got there around lunch time, so we started off with a picnic, thanks to Auntie Jo! Here we are, looking over the buffet of goodies:

food on bench

We all enjoyed chocolate cupcakes for dessert. Annora really got into hers:

Annora with a messy face

I can never seem to get a picture of just Marosa... Annora always wants to be in it, too. Here are the girls together:

Annora holding Marosa

After the picnic the kids explored the area. Corbin loves looking for "treasures" like sticks, rocks, feathers, and the like.

Corbin under a tree with a stick

Soon, an impromptu game of tag broke out:

The kids playing tag

The gardens were beautiful! Here are some shots of the gardens:

A rock garden

An overview of the gardens and fountains

Each area of the garden had a splendid towering fountain. The girls and I posed for a shot:

Shannon holding Marosa and Annora at the fountain

Now, anyone who knows my family can guess what commenced:

Slashing each other at the fountain

Another shot of us all splashing each other

Lee soon came in and put an end to our fun. Marosa enjoyed her hair getting wet:

Marosa with wet hair

As usual, Dad and Derik just pretend they don't know us:

Dad and Derik sitting on a bench

Corbin shows off his now-very-wet feather, complete with ladybug clinging on:

Corbin holding a feather

JoAnn acts as our tour guide:

JoAnn pointing

Much to the relief of the other patrons, we continued on. Much to their dismay, we found lots more fountains. Lee poses with Marosa:

Lee holding Marosa in front of a fountain

Annora and Derik became good buddies. She loves her Uncle Derik!

Derik and Annora sitting together

I enjoy artsy shots, so I took some pictures from different points of view. Here's Corbin in the "blue" themed garden:

Corbin with blue flowers around him

Rosa shows off the dome over a fountain:

Marosa with the dome

Caleb just couldn't stay away from the water:

Caleb with hand in fountain

Alex loves being camera man, even without the camera:

Alex pretending to look through a camera

A hill is good for only one thing: rolling down. Annora didn't quite get the hang of it, but all had fun, none the less:

Caleb, Annora, and Corbin rolling down a hill

Our tour of the gardens was coming to an end. We wandered down to the Mississippi dam there. The water was really moving from all the rain we'd had earlier this month!

the dam

Our last find of the day was an awesome water park. The kids had a blast! What a great way to cool off after a long walk in 90 degree weather!

Caleb in the water park

Annora tries out the water

All too soon it was time to head home. The boys don't want JoAnn to go:

The boys and JoAnn

The boys rode home with Grandpa, so I got to sit with the girls on the way back. Marosa loved seeing me for a change!

Marosa in her carseat

Annora in her carseat

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