The winter of 2007/2008 was a fun one. We actually got snow! The boys enjoyed making snow creations, and Nora enjoyed destroying them. Here is a typical day in our backyard.

Alex made a really tall and skinny (self sculpture?) snowman and a snowdog. Caleb made a little snow-dog and a loon, and Corbin joined in here and there. Here's some shots of the boys with "the big one:"

the boys with a big snowman

Alex with his big snowman

another one of Alex with his big snowman

Alex hams it up with the dog he made.

Alex riding a snowdog

Typical Corbin. He's not lazy, he just really enjoys relaxing.

Corbin spralled out on the snow

Notice the tree in the background. The boys love doing that to all the trees in the neighborhood.

the boys with a tree that has a snow face

Caleb had the fun privilege of taking care of his uncle's dog, Neville, for a weekend. He'd been on a "I want a dog" kick for a while, so this was his way of proving he could do it. My rule of the dog will stay in the kitchen was soon disregarded.

the dog on a bed

Rosa and Nora couldn't get enough of Neville. The poor dog probably had a bald spot on his belly from being petted so much.

Rosa and Neville

On March 25th, 2008, Corbin gave his first "talk" at our Kingdom Hall. He read Luke 4: 1-21. He did wonderfully! He is so happy to be in the Ministry School. Here are some shots of him at home before we went to the meeting.

Corbin all dressed up

Corbin, Rosa, and Nora

We had a fun day sledding at "The Hill" with some friends. It's a 3 minute breath-taking climb up, and 30 seconds of screaming down. Stunt man Corbin even decided to go down the stairs on his sled a couple times, which was quite a humorous sight. (And sound...) Here's Corbin sledding:

Corbin sledding

And Alex having a go:

Alex sledding

We bought a gingerbread house kit on clearance for something fun to do during the too-cold days. The kids had a blast "gluing" the walls together with frosting, and decorating with gumdrops and little colorful candies. Here's Rosa hard at work:

Rosa working on the house

The whole gang with the completed creation:

the kids pose with the completed house

And of course, the best part of a candy covered cookie house...

the kids eating their creation

Soon the snow was melting, and thoughts started turning to spring. We'll end with a couple shots of Rosa, now 3 years old. Here she doing one of her favorite things: helping cook.

Rosa stirring a bowl

All winter long, Rosa took to sleep-walking. Her favorite spot to go to was the boys' room. She would sit on the end of Caleb's bed, and read books to the fish in the aquarium until she nodded off again. Here is how we often found her in the morning:

Rosa sleeping on Caleb's bed

Thus ends our snowtime show...

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