My dear sweet April died of a mammary tumor in late March 2011. About six week later Tony started having seizures and stopped eating. It was the hardest time I've ever had, having to bring my girls to the vet to be put out of their pain two times in two months! Here are some pictures of April and Tony. I will never forget them.

The girls

the girls in my sweater hood

After April died, I got two little boy rats. Tragically one of them died of pneumonia shortly after we brought them home. With some antibiotics, though the other little boy pulled through. His name was Isaiah (His brother who didn't survive was named Sprite.) He had the same markings April and Tony had. He loved being with me, and was also quite the jumper!

After Tony died I got two more boy rats to be with Isaiah. They were named Spot and Louise. Spot sadly passed away in January 2013. He was a bit over two years old. He had pneumonia several times in his short life, and finally his little lungs just gave out. I miss him so much! Louise sadly succumbed to cancer that summer. Isaiah died of old age about two months after that. I miss all of them so much!

Spot was grey with a white belly and Louise was a partial albino. Louise was really muscular. He was a bit scared of being picked up, but he trusted me after a while. He was a big boy! Here are some pictures of my three boys:

the 3 boys

the 3 rats on a log chew

I love when rats clean themselves! It is so cute! Here is Louise cleaning:

Louise cleaning his face

Here is Louise eating a cheerio. (I sometimes gave them some for a treat.)

Louise eating

Here are a couple pictures of Spot. He liked the camera!


another picture of Spot

Here is Spot all curled up, trying to sleep:

Spot sleeping curled up in a ball

Rats make great companions. They are smart, easy to care for, and a lot of fun!

Corbin with his boys

My grandpa got me my very own camera, so I can take lots of pictures now! Here are some favorite memories of my rats:

picture: of

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