They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so what would a family website be without lots of pictures? Below are portals (or links) to each of the kids' pages, as well as slideshows of the natural world we enjoy.

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The eldest are young men now. They may be out on their own, but we still keep in touch. Here are their old pages, for those that want a trip down memory lane...

click here to go to Nora's page

Nora's personal page. It's a purr-fect place for cat lovers

click here to go to Rosa's page

Rosa's personal page. See what real princesses enjoy.

click here to go to Anna's page

Anna's personal page. Even child prodigies have weaknesses.

click here to go to Ella's page

Ella's page. See how fast our youngest is growing!

click here to go to our pets' pages

Check out our menagerie of animals. Because every family needs a little more chaos in their lives.

click here to see funny videos

Short video clips the boys created in hopes of incurring a smile or two.

click here to cheer Shannon up

Shannon sees faces. Here are some that made her smile.

click here to see our gardens

Tour our gardens of years past and present and stop to smell the roses.

click here to go birdwatching

Bird watching is awesome. Here are some pictures we've taken of our wild feathered friends.

click here to enjoy the wildlife

Shots we've taken of nature at her best.

click here to see the changing seasons

Take a tour of our four seasons here.

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