We visited the Nelson Farm again this year. Everyone enjoyed the warm fall day. The girls and Corbin started out riding the barrel train.

Corbin and Nora in the barrels

While they were off on a whirl-wind tour of the farm, Caleb sneaked into the chicken coup to snuggle some yellow balls of fluff.

Caleb with a baby chick

A calf was tied up nearby. Ella and the calf sized each other up, and decided they were both friends.

Ella with the calf

Soon the barrel train was back...

Nora, Corbin, and Rosa cheering in the barrels

Of course, they had to each try out a chick for size.

Rosa with a chick

After checking Caleb for hidden chicks, we moved on to the petting zoo area. Caleb and a goat eyed each other suspiciously...

Caleb and a goat

The boys quickly thought that was boring and decided to conquer some huge hay rolls instead. Here's Caleb...

Caleb on top of the roll of hay

and Corbin...

Corbin on top of the roll of hay

Meanwhile, Ella found a pony just her size.

Ella with a pony

The boys finally got to do their favorite activity: the wagon ride. Here's Alex and Caleb racing down the hill:

Alex and Caleb

and Corbin and Caleb:

Corbin and Caleb

From there the kids rode on the crazy tractor ride. The cars wildly zigged and zagged back and forth as the tractor pulled them.

Anna and Nora on the ride

The cars at the end whipped about the most. Corbin shouted "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" the whole time, much to the dismay of poor Caleb.

the kids on the ride

The girls loved panning for gems and marbles, so we did that next. Here's the gang hard at work:

Some of the kids panning

Anna loves the color blue, so she was happy to find a blue marble. Here she is panning away.

Anna panning

Corbin and Nora went swinging in the barn. Here's Corbin in action:

Corbin swinging Corbin again

Here's Caleb being attacked by a grass dog:

Caleb being silly

After a mini-donuts break, we toured the barn basement. This was unlike any other barn basement, however. We discovered a room full of rabbits just waiting to be held...

Caleb with a rabbit

We also discovered that Alex looks like an alien under florescent lighting!

Alex making a funny face

We reemerged from the depths and entered into an empty silo. Here's Ella and Lee looking in at us inside the silo.

Ella and Lee

I got a kick out of this friendly reminder: (Which made me think of 1 Corinthians 11:3.)

a sign that says mind your head

Back outside, Corbin hung out with some real stiffs.

Corbin between two scarecrows on a bench

Corbin and the girls noticed some bunnies in an outside pen, and after a brief chase, they had a bundle of softness to cuddle.

Corbin with a bunny

Here's a cute picture of Ella on a wagon full of pumpkins:

Ella with pumpkins

We all took the wagon ride around the corn maze. Here's Nora and Anna being sisterly on the wagon:

Nora and Anna hugging

We got through the corn maze in record time, but not fast enough to prevent Alex from growing a mustache and Ella falling asleep.

Alex holding a sleeping Ella with a corn plant mustache

We wandered through a wooded trail and came across a tree fort. The gang was all over that!

The kids clamoring about the tree fort

The tree fort gang again

The girls all had to ride a pony. Here's Nora:

Nora riding a pony


Rosa on a pony

and Anna:

Anna riding a pony

And a picture of all three. Anna actually cried when she had to say goodbye to her pony.

the girls on their ponies

After prying Anna away, the kids had a ball in the bouncy ball area. Here's a shot of Nora bouncing:

Nora on a bouncy ball

And Rosa:

Rosa bouncing

Here is a cool shot of the Corbster in mid-bounce:

Corbin bouncing

Anna even enjoyed herself:

Anna bouncing

All too soon it was closing time, and we slowly started for the exit. Caleb, forever the bird-obsessed, spotted some finches hanging around some old farm equipment.

some finches

I got a couple more shots of Ella in the pumpkins:

Ella with pumpkins

So cute at 8 months old!

Ella again

Here are some final shots of all the kids at the farm:

the kids pose at a cutout

What a bunch of hams!

another picture of the kids

School was well underway. Nora somehow incorporated a cat theme into almost everything she does for school. Here she is with a cat sculpture she made.

Nora with her artwork

The girls went to our community's Fire Station open house again this year. Anna loves their mascot, Sparky the Dog.

Anna with Sparky

Hanging out in their newest firetruck was way cool.

the girls inside the truck

Before we left, Nora got to spray the big hose again this year. What a pro!

Nora spraying the hose

Before autumn signed its last colorful leaf to the ground, we went to an apple orchard to reap some of the harvest. We met up with some extended family there and had a wonderful time reconnecting. Here's Rosa picking some apples:

Rosa at an apple tree

Ella had a grand time exploring.

Shannon and Ella

If you ever get a chance to ask Caleb if he thinks high school is great, this is about the face he will give you:

Caleb making a face

We will end with some photos of Ella at 9 months old.

Ella at 9 months of age

She crawls everywhere, can stand, and loves playing with her sister's toys.

Ella again

We hope you also had a fun and relaxing autumn!

Luigi lounging on the couch

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