Grandpa and the boys spent a day fishing on Lake Superior with the Hang Loose Charter Fishing crew. Without realizing it, they chose the day of the famous Grandma's Marathon. The area was bustling with runners and fans!

After a night's rest at a hotel in Superior, Wisconsin, the boys woke up extra early and headed for the bay.

the boys with Duluth behind them

Caleb added another loon to his collection, which he named Winson.

Caleb holding a stuffed loon

They arrived a bit early, so the excited lads frolicked in the parking lot.

the 3 boys pose

Soon Captain Chet started loading the boat!

the boat

And they were off! Corbin was just a little excited...

Corbin with an excited face

Caleb was happy...

Caleb smiling

and Alex was annoyed Dad was taking so many pictures!

Alex looking annoyed

First the captain had to maneuver through a quiet zone, where the boys spotted a lighthouse.

a red lighthouse

They all enjoyed talking to the captain and his navigator, but where were all the fish?!?

Caleb got a bit green. And greener... and greener... and had to give the Lake his breakfast. He was a good sport about it, though, and kept on fishing.

Caleb sitting in the boat

After about 4 hours, Corbin caught the first and biggest fish of the day, a nice lake trout!

Corbin with his fish

The captain was frustrated! He was radioing all the other charters, asking if they were having any luck. Nope. (I later joked to the boys that the sound of all those runners pounding the pavement must have scared off the fish.)

Finally Caleb got a fish! It was a smaller, but fatter lake trout.

Caleb with his fish

Then Caleb's worst nightmare happened. A thunderstorm was racing towards them. The captain quickly started reeling in the lines and getting ready to get out of there! The wind started howling, and the boys started freaking. They were caught in the storm!

Caleb scared from the storm

Finally the storm let up, and they arrived safely back at the dock. The captain felt horrible for the lack of fish, so he only charged the gang for half a day. The boys didn't care, though, they loved the experience, and proudly showed off their catch.

the boys with their fish

We had fish for dinner a couple nights later, and the boys agreed it was very tasty!

Alex was a good sport about it all, as long as dad wasn't taking his picture.

Alex on the dock

Then it was time to say goodbye to Chet and Steve and head for home.

Corbin and Caleb with the boat

the boys pose with the boat

On the way they stopped at a park to rest and feed some gulls their lunch they never ate.

gulls flying around

That night the boys had trouble sleeping, as the whole world seemed to be rocking back and forth, but by morning they were as good as new.

Nora took a big step shortly after the boys' trip. She finally decided to get her haircut. It would be her first ever, at age 5. Rosa, of course, wanted to get one too!

Here are some before pictures:

the girls facing forward

the girls backs

We just went to the local barbers. Nora was certain of the style she wanted, and showed the beautician a photo of it from a children's hairstyles book. Rosa said "me too!" They both had hair long enough to donate!

Here's Nora getting her hair cut.

Nora getting her hair cut

And Rosa:

Rosa getting her hair cut

We were all so proud of Nora! This has been a goal we'd set with her OT a year earlier.

Nora smiling proudly in the chair

The girls are both very happy they got their haircuts. Rosa wasn't so sure about the bangs at first, but now she's gotten used to her new look.

the after picture

the girls after shot, their backs

Next stop: our big vacation! But that's another adventure...

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