Caleb petting a wild bird

Everybody has a special time in their lives. I had a great experience: Feathers, the bird. Let me tell you about it.

It was any normal day at grandpa's. I was looking for frogs when... Bang!
"Now why did you do that?" Dad said. Who is Dad talking to? Then, a bird flew onto the ground.

I followed it.
"Hello," I said. It flew a bit farther, then stopped. I got so close I started petting it, as you see in the picture. Mom saw and got the camera. I was having a bit of paradise.

"What's it's name?" Alex asked. I thought and thought and said, "Feathers."
"Finally something not loon!" Alex said.

Everybody has favorite things, times, and more. I have a new friend, Feathers, a friend that will be wild, be friendly, and have the best animal friends ever.

Feathers was hoping around again. Mom was going to take more pictures when he flew away. He was alright after hitting the window. What a relief!

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