Overall we had a relaxing and enjoyable summer. Lee was hired on at the place he was a temporary worker; it's right in town, so that's nice. The kids and I did lots of service as well as the usual summertime stuff. Ella is getting to be quite the little person. She enjoys life! Here she is relaxing:


Cool Cat Corbin has shot up about four inches! He is now almost as tall as his mom.

Corbin in sunglasses

Nit-Wit never ceases to find new ways to make us laugh. He discovered the dryer the other day, and now comes running when a load of laundry is switched over so he can hop in the nice warm dryer. Keeps me on my toes, as I don't want a cooked cat!

Nit-Wit in the dryer

Our sunflowers in bloom attracted lots of goldfinches again this year. I am not sure who enjoys this phenomenon more, the cats or us humans.

a goldfinch on a sunflower

Once again this year we went to the county fair. The weather was wondrous this year, and we all had a fun time. Nora and Rosa did the Sheriff's Posse Stick Horse Races again. Here's Nora ready to go:

Nora with a stick horse

Rosa ready to go:

Rosa with a stick horse

While neither girl won, they both had fun.
We were pleasantly surprised to see that one of Corbin's entrants in the photography category won Grand Champion of the fair! Here he is next to the winning photo:

Corbin with his photo

What is really cool about the picture is the 3-D effect it has. Everyone kept trying to pick off the smiley-face sticker on his head, but that is part of the photograph.
Ella enjoyed just taking it all in. Here she is having an ice cream cone:

Ella with an ice cream cone

When asked what she had, she nicely offered to share!

Ella offering her treat

Corbin brought Bub, his puppet buddy, with him. We were amused to see a pony named Bub in the children's barn. Bub had a ride on Bub:

Bub on Bub

Corbin and Bub also hammed it up at a display promoting exercise:

Bub on a bike

Corbin wasn't the only winner at the fair. Caleb's huge drawing of his Pet Album comic characters received second place.

Caleb next to his drawing

The event the kids really look forward to, though, is the Lego building contest. Anna got second place in her age group for her creation of zoo animals at the fair.

Anna with her Lego creation

While Rosa did not place, she still had fun presenting her Lego fish tank.

Rosa with her creation

Corbin made a really awesome spaceship that lit up and a sports car that had a working radio. While he didn't place (the judges didn't think the lights and electronics were within the rules of Lego only), he stole the show by wowing everyone there.

Corbin with Bub and his Lego creations

Caleb outdid himself with his spectacular table long display tornado chasing vehicles. He placed first in his age group.

Caleb with his Lego vehicles

Nora was pleased to get third place in her crowded age group with her creation of a summertime resort.

Nora with her Lego creation

Nora also got first place for her colored pencil drawing.

Nora with her drawing

Rosa gathered enough courage to try one of her drawings, too, and was excited to receive fifth place.

Rosa with her picture

Here's Corbin with his ribbons and photos:

Corbin with his photos and ribbons

Caleb with his:

Caleb with his ribbons and photos

And, finally, Shannon with hers:

With the final days of summer approaching, the kids spent many a day playing outside. Here's Ella in her car:

Ella in a ride-on car

Here's Nit-Wit and Bubba showing what us older ones did during the dog days of summer:

Nit-Wit and Bubba

Anna lost both her front teeth by summers end. Here she is with one out and the other super wiggly:

Anna with her teeth loose

Well, school starting didn't mean the end to the delightful weather. The kids tried to get their school work done as quickly as possible so they could be free outside once again. Here's Ella relaxing (with a chocolate snack mustache):

Ella resting on the grass

Ella is not one to be left out. If the big kids play catch, she insists on playing, too!

Ella with a football

But then again, all the girls insist on getting a turn! Here's Rosa with the ball:

Rosa with the football

Corbin saw some cookies on the cover of a magazine that he wanted to try to make. They are rice crispy bars covered in chocolate and decorated to look like goofy creatures. The girls had fun helping him decorate them, and we all thought they tasted delicious!

the treats

We once again went to the Nelson Family Farm. Anna made friends with a calf:

Anna with a calf

We all played a round of farm mini golf. Here's Ella showing us her golfing equipment:

Ella with a club and a ball

A favorite ride of the kids is the wagon rides down the hill. This year, to everyone's amusement, when the worker at the top of the hill yelled "look out below!" and released a wagon down the hill, a group of turkeys nearby would all gobble loudly in unison. Here are the goofy birds:


Another source of endless fun is the bouncing balls. Here's Ella giving one a try:

Ella on a big ball

Anna being silly:

Anna on a ball

Here's Rosa getting some air:

Rosa bouncing

The day even became a bit hot, so we took a slushie break. Ella amused us by bumping the slush into her nose when she tried to get some.

Ella with the slushie

I had to take some pictures of Ella on a wagon full of ripe pumpkins. What a ham!

Ella with the pumpkins

We conquered the corn maze! The girls were less than impressed.

the girls in the maze

Caleb jumped into a combine for a bit:

Caleb in a combine

Before we went back home, the kids posed in front of the same cut out they pose in front of every year:

the kids being goofy

Thus ends our fairly lovely summer.

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