We went to Duluth to celebrate our 11th anniversary. Brought the kids, of course! Here are some highlights:

Coming into Duluth was exciting. Marosa was screaming her head off, we were late, and the kids were winey and tired. Lee was trying to console Marosa while I drove as fast as I could. Lee complained it was too hot, so I lowered both the front windows. Boy, Duluth is a lot colder than home! We got cold, fast... that's when my window decided to get stuck down. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

view of Duluth from a car

Luckily, once in town, my window slowly went back up. Interestingly, that got all the kids to shut up and calm down in a hurry. We checked into the hotel for a good nights sleep.

Lake Superior was breath-taking. Ice still bobbed up and down in the harbor.

Lake Superior with ice on it

We went to the Great Lakes Aquarium. The hands down favorite was touching the sting-rays. Here's the clan watching some ducks and fish:

The kids admiring the ducks and fish

Of course, the most famous part of Duluth is the lift bridge. Here's Alex admiring it:

Alex with lift bridge in background

We even got to see a ship go under!! Here is the ship coming into the harbor:

ship in harbor

The ship going under the bridge:

ship going under the lift bridge

The ship going into Lake Superior:

ship leaving, going to Lake Superior

We also visited the Great Lakes Zoo. We awed at the lions:

a male and female lion snuggling

We had a blast with the polar bear! He threw the ball up to us. We tossed it back. The zookeeper gave all the kids stickers saying "we played ball with a polar bear." Very cool.

Polar bear swimming, holding red ball

Something tells me we will have to visit Duluth again someday...

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