I loved my Parakeets! It was so hard to have to find them new homes. I miss them so, so, so much! My only comfort is knowing they all got to stay together and the new owner loves Budgies as much as I.

I had 8 Budgies. (Budgies is another word for Parakeets.) The girls were Crystal,Sun-jay, Buddie, Kiwi, and Edmund. Ocean, Chester, and Sky were the boys. Here is a little bit about each:

Ocean was a crazy boy. He was a little depressed with the passing of Edward, but he seemed to enjoy being with Buddy later on. He also maked the cutest clicks and noises.

Ocean and me

Crystal was a crazy bird. She was a beaver, and would chew through ANYTHING. Her favorites were destroying a cuttle bone in 1.5 minutes and chewing up all wooden perches, ladders, etc. She also seemed to enjoy tormenting the other birds.

Crystal on my head

Chester was my sweet boy. He was very laid back and fit right in with the others. He and Sun-jay enjoyed each others company very much, and often groomed each other. He loved putting on little singing concerts for everyone.I got him at the same shop as Edward, and think they were probably related!

Chester and me

Sun-jay was a funny girl. She loved spinning herself on a swing. She also loved mothering Chester.

sun-jay and chester

Two of my budgies were siblings, Sky and Buddie. They hung out together a lot, and acted like any youngster would... wild and crazy! They loved hanging upside down, playing with all the toys in the aviary, and snuggling together. Buddie was turning a neat pale yellow, while Sky was keeping his white feathers. In the photo below, Buddie is the one yawning.

Sky and Buddy

Here is a photo of Buddie.


I got two new Budgies about a month after Edward died. I found a wild and crazy Budgie at the pet store that looked a bit like Edward, so I had to get her! I named her Edmund. Here she is:


Mom suggested I also get a pretty lime green one, and you don't have to ask me twice to get another bird!!! So here's Kiwi:


Kiwi liked throwing little temper tantrums when she didn't get her way, but she usually got along great with the others. She loved chewing on things with her pal, Crystal. When we first got them, Edmund was too young to tell if she was a boy or a girl, but later on we could tell she was a she. Oh well, Edmund was still a fine name, if you ask me! (Just like Edward was a great name for my sweet Eddie!) Here is a shot of Kiwi and Edmund:

Kiwi and Edmund

The sad thing with falling in love with pets is they don't live as long as humans do. I have had to say forever goodbyes to some wonderful feathered friends over the years. Here are some pictures of them:

Cosmos was a bird I got for free from a person who could no longer care for him. He was a very sweet old man. Sadly, while I was on vacation in South Dakota over the summer of 2010, he died. My dad, who was caring for my birds, said he looked sick for several days before he passed away. Even though I only knew him a couple months, it was hard for me. Here is the only photo I have of him.


Ocean's best bud, Charon also died. We don't know what was wrong with him. He wasn't acting well for a while, so we had him in a hospital cage and tried to nurse him back to health, but sadly, he died in my arms. Raising pets can be really hard sometimes!

Here is a picture of Charon in healthier times.


My dear sweet Edward, my first bird that starting off my whole love of birds, sadly died of heart failure September 3rd, 2011. I miss her dearly, as she was my most hand trained bird. Here are some pictures of her and I:

Edward and me Edward and me

My birds also shared their aviary with Alex's birds, two cockatiels named Elvis and Luau.

Here was what happened to me when I went in the aviary. Luau liked grooming me!

Caleb being attacked by birds

My brother Alex loved taking shots (pictures, that is!) of my birds in flight. They turned out so cool! Here is a slideshow of some of my favorites.

picture: of

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