Grandpa took the boys out fishing on Lake Superior again this summer to make up for last year's paltry two-fish harvest. The boys eagerly packed up and they were off to a weekend of fun in Duluth!

The first day was too windy to fish, so they did some sightseeing. First up, a walk down by the lake. The lift bridge is always a sight.

boys at lift bridge

The shore offers chances to clamor over rocks and reflect on the beauty.

boys lakeside

Alex on his "throne:"

Alex on some rocks

Corbin finds an alligator anchor:

Corbin on an anchor

One last view of the harbor:

view of the Duluth harbor

From there they went on a boat tour. The boys were excited to see the lift bridge rise for them!

the lift bridge

Going under:

view of underneath the lift bridge

They passed the harbor lighthouse:

the lighthouse

And soon were out in the open lake! Here's the gang on the tour paddle boat:

Lee and the boys

Corbin did what he usually does on long car trips (I guess it applies to long boat trips as well):

Corbin sleeping

They saw several large barges loading and unloading goods from all over the world.

a barge

Lee thought the paddles on the back of the boat were neat.

the boys and grandpa looking up, with the churning waters below

The boys thought the snacks on board were cooler. Here's Corbin showing off his blue slushie tongue:

Blue tongued Corbin

Soon it was time to say goodbye to the Vista Fleet.

Lee waving

After a bite to eat, they stopped at a scenic outlook.

boys pose at outlook

outlook view

The boys even got to beach comb on the Wisconsin side of the lake.

boys on beach

Then the big day arrived! The sun was up, the weather perfect, and off to the charter boat they went!

the charter's dock

After a bit, Alex reeled in the first fish, a lake trout.

Alex's fish

Caleb soon followed suit with a trout of his own.

Caleb's fish

Corbin wasn't about to be left out!

Corbin's fish

How exciting is sitting around, catching fish, really?

Excited Corbin

Wow, it's pretty exciting, I guess!

Here's how not too look cool, according to your children.

Lee getting bunny-ears

Grandpa looking calm and collected, as always.


This is either an "I'm so excited" face or a "where's the bathroom on this thing?" face.

Caleb up close

Finally the big Dadd-o has a fish on his line! The glee! The strain! The heaving and reeling!

Lee reeling

A little anticlimactic, isn't it?!?

Lee with a small fish

Not to be outdone, Alex soon gets another nibble.

Alex reels

Another big lake trout!

Alex's fish

Now it's Caleb's turn. Reeling:

Caleb reels

Nice one!

Caleb's fish

All this excitement was just too much for Alex.

Alex sleeping

Lee's spirit's were never higher.

Lee smiling

All together, Corbin caught 4 fish, Caleb and Alex each caught 5, and Lee caught one. Here's Corbin with another one of his:

Corbin's fish

Their daily limit reached, it was time to head back. Caleb thought it was cool how still the lake got.

the calm lake

Here's the loot, lake trout all.

the catch

Here's a shot of the boat they were on.

the boat

They filleted the fish dockside for the gang.

filleting the fish

Corbin was pretty sure he did NOT want to watch that!

Corbin not looking

Grandpa had to convince the boys the taste would be better than the smell.

Grandpa making a face

With four large bags of fish meat in tow, it was time to head for home. All too soon they were back at grandpa's house.

at grandpa's house

We all loved the fish! The flavor beats store bought fish hands down.

As summer was quickly coming to a close, and school was looming overhead like a big thick cloud, grandpa decided to spoil the boys once more. The destination? Valleyfair. The hands down favorite of all three boys was the Mad Mouse ride. Here they are, loading up.

on the Mouse

Corbin, it's been told, tends to scream a bit while riding.

on the Mouse

Corbin also enjoyed the kiddie coaster.

Corbin on the roller coaster

A ride called Hydroblaster looked fun. Alex convinced Corbin that siting in front would guarantee he would NOT get wet, so down they went.

the boys on the ride

Corbin will not take his brother's advice on water rides next time!

Corbin all wet

They did have a great time, though, even Corbin! Here they are on the Scrambler.

the 3 on the Scrambler

The Big Wave was a real splash.

On the Big Wave

This time, though, Corbin didn't mind.

the boys all wet

The antique cars are always fun.

on the old cars

After more spoiling at Chuck E. Cheese's, the day was quickly coming to an end. On the way home, the boys watched the setting sun, glad to have had some extra fun summer outings with just the boys.


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