Our two day assembly this year was May 12th and 13th in Mankato. The theme was "Store Up... Treasures in Heaven" from Matthew 6:20. The kids were excited to go early Saturday morning...

kids in the van

kids in the van

This year would prove to be extra special for our family, because both Alex and Caleb qualified for baptism. Here they are in front of the stage...

Alex and Caleb in front of stage

After a morning full of spiritual food, it was time for the baptism candidates to be baptized. Here's the boys waiting in line...

the boys in line

Alex was first...

Alex in water

Alex with nose plugged

Alex being baptized

Then it was Caleb's turn...

Caleb in water

Caleb with nose plugged

Caleb being baptized

Quite a few others associated with our congregation were also baptized, so we were all overjoyed. Alex and Caleb look forward to continue serving God and growing spiritually.

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