It all started with the finches building a nest. I thought it was cute and neat the way they built it, so I decided to let them build it and then in the morning I would dump the nest out.(to clean it.) Well, it sure surprised me when one day I was just about to dump the nest out when I saw it, an egg!

At first we thought that the egg was no good. But to let the finches have fun, I left the egg in there. Then three days later I found two other eggs in the nest! Soon there was 6 eggs in the nest. I was hoping that soon there would be some babies.

Soon there was a small, little, pink, baby finch in the nest. I was amazed that this little thing was soon to be a finch. But it did not stop there, later two babies hatched on the same day! The rest of the eggs never hatched.

When the first baby hopped out of the nest, the finches and I went nuts! I went more nuts when all the babies went out. The oldest, most adventurous one I named Hiccup. One twin, who is kind of chunky, I named Fudge. The other, and the shyest, I named Cheesecake.

In the Slide show, the firstborn is Hiccup. Fudge looks a lot like Hiccup, while Cheesecake has some white.

We didn't know if they were girls or boys until they got a bit older. (Only the boys sing; the girls just chirp.)

The truly amazing part of the whole experience is I never had to do anything. The finches took perfect care in the feeding and raising of the babies. Nature is truly amazing!

Here is a slide show of them growing up:

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