I had three birds, Elvis, Luau, and Zazu.
Elvis was a cockatiel. He and Luau lived in the aviary with all of Caleb's Budgies. He enjoyed putting on little singing concerts, and he also had a funny laughing imitation. He thought Luau's sole purpose was to preen him! (She disagreed.) Here is a picture of him.


He was a bit skittish about being held, but he would come onto my hand from time to time.

Alex with Elvis

I got Luau to be a companion for Elvis. They were both Cockatiels, just different color variations. I got her when she was quite young, so she didn't fear humans like Elvis. She was so full of personality! She loved hanging upside down like a bat and flapping her wings. She was much more hand trained, and loved sitting on my head or shoulder when I clean out the aviary. Here is a close-up of her:


Luau and Elvis love hanging out together.


My other bird was a rare blue (most are green) Quaker Parrot named Zazu. I think it was a girl, but we had no way of knowing for sure without a blood test. She had totally bonded to me, so she tended to attack anyone else! She loved giving me kisses and hanging out on my shoulder while I did my schoolwork. She really didn't care for the other birds at all, so she lived in her own private cage when she wasn't out and about with me. Here she is hanging out with me:


On my bed:

Zazu on Alex's bed

Another shot close up of her:

Zazu again

Here is a picture we took of her all ready to go to the beach.

Zazu on a toy car with beach toys about

The birds were a lot of fun. Zazu was pretty demanding, almost like having a kid, but she brought me a lot of laughs, too.

I really miss my birds, and hope to someday be able to have a pet bird again.

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