Ella doing school October 2020

Welcome to our family's website! The main purpose of this site is to help us to keep in touch with our many friends and family scattered throughout the world.

New to this site? Here is a brief intro:

Who or what is waveofjoy?

Waveofjoy is Shannon's online name (you know, when you have to come up with a screen name for a new e-mail account, and all the variations of your name are taken?). It became the name of this site, even though it is about the whole family, because it fits. Whether you see it as us waving at you with joy, or as a feeling swelling up inside of you, we hope seeing our family's site brings you a wave of joy.

What is the point of this website?

Shannon had a website, Wandering Fairy, that she enjoyed tinkering with in the mid 1990s. She taught herself the language of HTML, and used a web tv unit to put photos of her wanderings and such online. Now we have a computer, (I finally got a Mac! Yeah! Sorry, just had to interject; back to the summary... hey, wait a moment, shouldn't it read several computers, tablets, and laptops? And cell phones! And iPhones!) ANYWAY... but this site is still all just simple HTML and Shannon's use there of. The point is to share with family and friends a bit of what we're up to. Shannon still has her photos and what-not on here. This is a spare time project, so although we try to keep it current, it may fall behind from time to time.

Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Etc.?

No, we are not. If you want to reach us, our e-mail is on the bottom of each page on this site. The reason I have this site and not a Facebook or the like account is twofold. On your end, I think you would rather not see ads and such, and know the content is genuine. On my end, I value my privacy and the ability to control what is shown on my site. That is why you will not find where we live or our last name, for example.

And yes, as some have taken the time to figure out, Shannon does at times go by the name Normal Earthling.